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Thank you to ALL the humans and places that have already signed up to get on the BOAT for Belltown!


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This is list is growing every day, and the website listings are updated at least once per week. Where linked, click for more, or check out our special shout out to Belltown businesses on the BOAT!

(listed in order of BOAT Log sign-ups)

Evan Clifthorne
Ryan Cain
Alex Clifthorne
Elliott Spencer
Harlow Morgan
Kace Karp
Theodore King
Heather Long
Deschamps B.
Andraes Nag
Michael Athey
Brant Waldron
Natalia Espaillat
Amorette Kyle
TJ Jones
Richard Lang
James Pink
Joey Nix
Jupiter Bar
Tony Reid
Elizabeth Ryan
Jeffery Maxwell
Ron Ross
Ryan Dundon
Shawn Oster
Adam Critzer
Dustin Haarstad
Black Cat
David M
Samuel Joel Castro
Clark Labelson
Jonny Bullets
Alana Foster
Masando Jensen
Danae Hackett
Gregory Ware
David Letaw
Makers Workspaces
AM Hitchcock
Sean McNally
Charlie Savage Monroe
Shandi Jones
Vinnette Harrington
Wendell Howell
Jessica Gifford
Marcus Johnson
Lava Lounge
Rabbit Hole
Mr. Darcy's
Bathtub Gin

Kory Snyder
Chris Chadwick
Mike Carroll
Cursed Oak
Sharis Kevin
Liz Campbell
Daryl (R/db)
Josh Carter
Shawn Simpson
Tyler Mathis
Ashley Carter
Chris Word
Dean Wynveen
Jamie Hunsdale
Jay Sweeney
Shari Noble
Amy Tipton
Nehm Humran
Chris Smollcovski

Chris Jones
Screwdriver Bar
Iulia Bejan
Connect Lounge
Clint Larson
Jeremy Bjorklund
Barbara Thiemeyer
Jesslyn Cunningham
Josh Anderson
Kerem Kalkay
Hollis Irish
Mirella Lugo
Chris Armstrong
Nichole Anderton
Johnny Rae
Julia Simon
Pearl Sanchez
Ryan "Lofty" Lofftus
Kat King
Diante Scott
Jessica Barron
Miranda Tuck
Taylor Richards
The Adams Apartments
Dan Halligan
Rick Klu
Jerry Nash
Erika Czach
Jordan P Swider
Nick Theros
Chris Harrington
Merlee Sherman
Shevaun She Thomas
Tim Toecutter
Michelle Kozinets
Eric Tucker
Efrosini Pro
Byron Wilson
Singles Going Steady
Luke J Hansen

Shaula Massena

Samm Desmond

Brendan Lee

Josiah Sumerlin
Simon Pantet
Seth Howard
Taylor Douglas Nepon
John Thomas Nix
Roe Rizzi
Lindsay Outlaw
Ricky Ralston
Kimmie Spice
Biscuit Bitch
Ayres Gipson
Jason Cressey
Jesica Norton
Spa Noir

Avout Van der Werf


Jesús @ the Castle

Nathan @ Roccos

Vida May Val

Bill Oldenburg

Greg Murphy

Lisa Vann

Vann Edge Salon

Fluffybutts Dogwalking

the Rendezvous

& the Jewelbox Theatre

Alex Schimiggy Tran
Larry Mancinelli
Steve Grigg


Nancy Kottenstette
Brando Feist
Geena Rudzki
Larisa Brown

Joe Krivich
Tim Kelly
Matthew Johnson
Dan Koehlen

Korrie Tyler
Erik Schneider
Christine Gutierrez
Nicole Cotton
Josh Black

Andrew Stevens
William Wayman

Cailey Turbin
Josh Sharpe

Under the Needle

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