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originally written in Spring of 2018

Rise Up Belltown is an effort to fight the displacement of longstanding creative communities (artists, musicians, dancers, performers, and others) by working to preserve and create affordable space – space to exist - within the boundaries of Belltown, here in Seattle, Washington.

In other words, we advocate for things like workforce housing, commercial affordability, and legacy businesses. Specifically, we're working to preserve and grow the music, arts, and nightlife communities that are anchored by local businesses on (and nearby) 2nd and 1st Avenues.

We are demanding changes from our City leadership, and building strength by connecting as a community through our #BelltownNOW campaign.

We believe in growth, but we also believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, despite their income, gender, or skin color.

Rise Up Belltown was founded following more than two years of direct outreach to Belltown stakeholders under the banner of Project Belltown. That outreach involved over 2,000 people and over 100 businesses, at more than 50 small meetings and large events throughout the neighborhood.

The result of that outreach is #BelltownPossible - a collaborative community vision that offers opportunity to build a better belltown together. Today, #BelltownPossible lives on our website as ideal to work toward, while Rise Up Belltown has zeroed in ensuring that the rest of us can continue to exist within the boundaries of a future Belltown.