Saving Belltown. April Edition.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Though the going is sometimes rough, Rise Up Belltown takes small steps forward every day in our mission to keep Belltown affordable for the working class, for artists, and for small local businesses. We’re striving to keep what’s left of our soul — that which hasn’t gotten the boot already — as prices for basically everything have skyrocketed upwards.

Those of you on the BOAT have probably noticed that our social feeds have been a little quiet lately. I do feel a little bit bad about that, but it seems there’s only so much time in the day these days.. little humans on the way, and all! :)

But the quiet doesn’t mean we’ve been silent. Since our last meeting, you might say we’ve been making a lot of noise behind the scene. So in the spirit of catching you up, we thought we’d share some highlights of our quest to save the #BlocksOfBelltown.

**this is just a quick rundown, so please feel free to ask follow-up questions!**

What’s Coming Up?

  1. Spring Show at the Belltown Yacht Club We're showcasing some badass bands of Belltown, in our newest local live music venue! Come to the April BOAT meeting ahead of time for some “RA RA BELLTOWN!” and get into the show for FREE. the deets: Monday, April 29th BOAT Meeting - doors @ 6:30, starts @ 7:00p (FREE!) SPRING SHOW - bands @ 9:00 ($8 cover / but FREE if you arrive at the mtg by 7:30!) 2320 1st Ave, in the basement behind Screwdriver Bar!

  2. CREW Invites Thank you to the many #HumansOfBelltown who’ve stepped up to join us on Slack as part of the CREW! It’s taken a little longer than we hoped to get the invitations sent out, but they’re definitely on the way. We haven’t forgotten about you! Meanwhile, if you love Belltown and are open to joining the convos while drinking your tallboy, go read these instructions on joining up.

  3. Belltown On Camera As many of you already know, we’ve started doing interviews with #HumansOfBelltown and others, with the goal of inviting the rest of the city to join us in a movement to save Seattle’s soul. It often takes communities with soul, to remind the rest that they have one too. So we’re making a video-invitation. If you’re willing, and are interested in dropping some truth on camera, hit us up!

What Have We Been Up to?

  1. Growing the BOAT! Since our latest meeting, we’ve been connecting with local businesses from across the village, inviting them to Get on the BOAT for Belltown. We’ve already added several local gems, with many more coming down the pike. Check out the latest list of Belltown Business on the BOAT!

  2. Cutting to the Chase Whether in business or in talking to elected leaders, getting heard usually means you’ve gotta cut to the chase real quick. In politics and policy, this means reducing our complex ideas down to a single page that highlights a) where we’re coming from, and b) what we wanna do, and c) what we’re asking for. **please forgive the dense vocab, as they're written for policy-industry professionals. if there’s anything that sparks a question, please don’t hesitate to ask** Download: Overview of our proposal for a better development on 2nd Ave Download: Overview of our proposal to save Belltown by saving Seattle along with us

  3. Real-World Follow Up With our one-page overviews at the ready, we've requested meetings with our reps on the City Council, with the Mayor, and with the developer who's proposing changes for the block. We've also been circulating our proposals with other advocates across Seattle, as we continue recruiting allies to the cause. Some of these meetings have happened, others are scheduled, and others are still being planned. If you're you interested in being involved in these meetings, please reach out! In the meantime, be aware that we're working on it, and we'll be back with updates at the end of the month. :)

You can follow @RiseUpBelltown on Instagram for daily updates, or sign-up for our weekly email updates, and/or you can follow our updates here on this blog. If you would like to help shape these blog posts, we would welcome your support! Get on the BOAT, and join the CREW. We'd love to have you. :)