Press Release: Seattle Council SENDING public emails DIRECT-TO-TRASH

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

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07.20.2018 Contact: Evan Clifthorne Community Organizer (206) 486-6558

Some Seattle Councilmembers SENDING public emails DIRECT-TO-TRASH

Rise Up Belltown has learned that Seattle City Council aides are sending emails from low-income, homeless, and working communities to the JUNK folder over frustration at the number of emails being sent from constituents.  This discovery raises the specter of additional constituencies from across Seattle whose emails are possibly going direct-to-trash.  

The emails known to be getting dumped are from individuals in Belltown who have recorded personalized comments to be conveyed to the Mayor, City Council, and their staff using the hashtag #HumansOfBelltown.

"We understand that they're busy," said, Brant Waldron, Belltown Janus. "But couldn't they just put the emails in a folder to read later?"

Rise Up Belltown is a community campaign to elevate the voices of those most marginalized, and those most at risk of being displaced from their homes and jobs in Belltown.  They are appealing to the Mayor and Council to preserve affordability using market-based strategies like transferable development rights, combined with the legal preservation of buildings with affordable residential and commercial spaces.

"We know that not every Council office is sending their constituents' emails to the trash," said community organizer Evan Clifthorne. "Awesome city leader Teresa Mosqueda is already stepping up to listen to her constituents."

Councilmember Mosqueda has already announced her attendance at this Monday's community rally.

"We're also grateful to King County Council leaders like Jeanne Kohl-Welles and Rod Dembowski," continued Clifthorne, "as well as our entire 36th District legislative delegation, for making time to be briefed on the #HumansOfBelltown.  We remain hopeful that other local leaders will follow suit by making the time to listen to the challenges of the people they represent."

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