Press Release: 24+ Belltown Businesses join forces, as Mayor allows illegal building demolition.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

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07.16.2018 Evan Clifthorne Rise Up Belltown (206) 486-6558

24+ Small Businesses join forces in BELLTOWN as Mayor Durkan allows illegal building demolition to continue unabated.

Over two dozen independently-owned bars, restaurants, and other small businesses have joined forces to sponsor a benefit concert featuring neighborhood bands, and a Belltown POP-UP featuring local restaurants, boutiques, and retail, under the banner of Rise Up Belltown.  Concert proceeds will support a campaign for affordability directed at local elected officials, and will raise awareness about a community at-risk of disappearing in the face of rising commercial and residential rents.

This is happening just as illegal building demolition at 2207 2nd Ave was allowed to move forward under the premise of being a remodel.  With over 2/3 of the building and walls demolished, the local community has been robbed of any opportunity to weigh in under the normal process of historic review.  

"This approach to demolition could set a dangerous precedent across the City, as more developers seek to side-step these very standard development rules," said community organizer Evan Clifthorne. "We're very disappointed that Mayor Durkan is allowing this to continue, and we hope she can come to our rescue."


RISE UP Belltown! on July 23 Belltown Pop-Up with pinball, live painting, artisan market, live tattoos, and more Taste of Belltown with nearly a dozen Belltown favorites


THIS MONDAY, July 23, 2018  Doors for live music and pop-up @ 6:00pm Punk Rock extravaganza starts @ 9:00pm


First and Bell Event Space | 2218 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121


Local Small Business Owners & Managers Local Elected Officials Belltown Musicians & Artists Service Industry Employees Belltown Residents


Shorty’s, Bathtub Gin, The Crocodile, Branchwater, Screwdriver Bar, Cursed Oak, Black Cat Bar, The Rendezvous, The Stranger, Under the Needle, Rabbit Hole, Lava Lounge, Mr. Darcy’s, Pintxo, First and Bell, Buenos Aires Grill, and many many more!


Small businesses have joined with residents, musicians, artists, and others at risk of displacement to offer solutions to the commercial and residential affordability crisis that is well underway in Belltown. 

Rising costs have forced many musicians, artists and other creatives outof their apartments and studio spaces, so now many show up on 2nd Ave just to see old friends,” said Jessica Gifford (co-owner of Rabbit Hole and other Belltown favorites). “Belltown is a special place, but it won’t be around for long if we don’t work together to keep it affordable for the communities that call it home.”                                   

“We’re just getting started,” said Evan Clifthorne, of Rise Up Belltown. “There are market-based, pro-density approaches that other cities use to preserve affordability, but it seems Seattle hasn’t realized yet that we’re a big city. We need a big-city solution to this problem, so that’s what we’re asking for.”