Open Letter: MHA & #SeattleCAN

Hey there humans! Today the City Council is taking their final vote on Mandatory Housing Affordability legislation, which is basically a set of upzones and policy changes that let developers build a little bit more height, in exchange for being required to build (or pay for) a little bit of affordable housing in their new buildings.

In general, we think it's a good idea but that leaves a lot out, like preserving existing affordable housing, keeping communities intact, and preserving critical community and cultural assets.

The MHA proposal is the core component of the big-picture Seattle response to the challenge of "everyone getting priced out of the City." As Rise Up Belltown, we've introduced new ideas that we think can build on what the City has been doing, but that would actually have a meaningful impact on our Belltown community in the near term.

So to mark the occasion, we've written an open letter to the Mayor and Council saying "thanks for getting started, but we need a lot more" and have pointed them to our #SeattleCAN proposal as the seed of an idea that could get us started.

Download the Open Letter here.

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