It's Thursday in Belltown. (11.15.18)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

hi friends!

It's Thursday in Belltown, and this is our community update called "It's Thursday in Belltown." My name is Evan, and I am still your host on this journey of the days of Thor.

Don't worry! We've got your weekend rundown below. But also we hereby humbly request that you slow your roll and take at least 16 - 34 seconds or so, to notice TWO cool things about your community. :)

first thing: the BOAT grows!

While we're deeply excited about ALL the 146 humans and places that have already gotten on the BOAT for Belltown, we wanted to give a special shout out to the seventeen local businesses that have put their local brands behind their local community.


second thing: save-the-date

You may not have heard, but very soon the City will be CLOSING ALL THE ROADS IN BELLTOWN!  ..which is obviously not true, but it really may feel like that for a good long time. 

Lucky for you, Rise Up Belltown is hosting some very chill, very knowledgeable humans from the City of Seattle, to answer all your questions about how this will affect your business, your job, your commute, your art, your ability to drink in peace, your general peace of mind, or even your sense of stability in a rapidly changing world... #Seattle

WHAT: Rise Up is hosting City experts on upcoming traffic insanity WHEN: Tuesday, November 27th @ 4:00PM WHERE: Here in Belltown. Stay Tuned.  WHY: Get answers about upcoming traffic insanity in Belltown WHO: Anyone with questions about upcoming traffic insanity in Belltown.

*attendees should be prepared for the session to be live-streamed


We heard from so many of you that you love the Weekend Rundown that we've decided to keep it up... for now! ;-)


"If the carnival show that is the US electoral system has you feeling distraught and demoralized (and honestly, who wouldn't be?) Margin Shift has at least a partial salve -- great poetry from 5 amazing writers!" Be sure to join Common Area Maintenance in Belltown for more of their 3rd Thursday magic!

As always doors and wine open at 6:30, poems open at 7ish. Margin Shift is free to attend, though CAM does accept and appreciate cash/card (via square) donations to help with food/wine costs. They also encourage people to show appreciation for poets by buying their books/chapbooks/journals.

Event Info Here

Looking for a more direct approach to your activism? Take that short walk to the Labor Temple in Belltown, for the monthly meeting of the Transit Rider's Union!

The Transit Riders Union is a democratic organization of working and poor people, — including students, seniors and people with disabilities — taking control over their own lives, and building up the power they need to change society for the good of humanity and of the planet. 

**while not affiliated with @RiseUpBelltown, if you like what we do, then we think there's a good chance you'll like what they do too! :)

Event Info Here

Warren Dunes feat. Julia Massey at the Crocodile.

Rather just see some live music, but still wanna feel good about your impact on the world? You're in luck! Warren Dunes feat. Julia Massey are playing a show at The Crocodile, and they donate their proceeds to charity! :)

Look at you... watching a show, and STILL making a difference. Yay you! :)

Event Info Here

FRIDAY (11/16)

Starting Fridays with something FREE is always a good idea. Especially when it's a  FREE TASTING at Downtown Spirits!

"This week you have an exciting chance to try an up-and-coming category in the United States: Aquavit! Linie and Aalborg will be pouring the only commercially available Scandinavian Aquavits in the US! In addition, Opici will be pouring their delicious lineup of Italian wines, and Pelican Brewing will be pouring their beers! Also, Kyla is pouring their hard kombucha!"

Event Info Here

Bartle B. Fall/Holiday Trunkshow at Sassafras Feeling fancy, and wanna treat yourself to some local fashion and meet the designer?

Event Info Here

The Twilight Zone: LIVE! (2018) "You're entering another dimension... a dimension of sound, a dimension of signs, a dimension of mind."

"With those familiar words, The Schmee fan-favorite is back for the holidays! FOUR episodes from seminal sci-fi anthology series created by Rod Serling are performed LIVE on stage. Directed by the incomparable local theater-maker Rachel Delmar, each episode explores the space between light and shadow, science and superstition."

Event Info Here

Stephanie Porter Quintet at Tula's Restaurant & Jazz Club.

"Jazz vocalist Stephanie Porter continues her well received run at Tula's with an evening interpreting the Great American Songbook. Stephanie's soulful style is accentuated by saxophone soloist Richard Cole, and bass veteran Michael Barnett."

Event Info Here

Deux Papillon at Queen City DJ Night from 10PM - 1AM, for the late night dancer. (yes, we mean you.)

Event Info Here

SUNDAY (11/18)

We know there are lots of fabulous things happening on Saturday and Sunday, but this one is a Belltown community classic, so we're letting it stand on it's own.

Event Info Here

**Looking for even more fabulous ideas for Saturday and Sunday? Check out these fantastic local Belltown businesses!**


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