It's Thursday in Belltown. (10.18.2018)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

hi friends!

It's Thursday in Belltown, and this is our community update called "It's Thursday in Belltown." My name is Evan, and I am your host on this journey of Thursdays. 

this Week:

  1. Meet us at Darcy's!! This Tuesday 10/23 @ 7:00PM

  2. the BOAT is GROWING (!!!)

  3. Reaching out to Residents

Meet us at Darcy's!! This Tuesday 10/23 @ 7:00PMFRIENDS:

We need your help, so please join us on Tuesday, if you can!

WHAT: A meeting of Belltowners who support Rise Up Belltown WHEN: Tuesday, October 23rd @ 7:00PM WHERE: AT MR. DARCY'S. (2222 2nd Ave, right next to Rabbit Hole)  WHY: Because we've got a lot of sh*t to do, and we need your help WHO: You, unless you're busy with other important things. :)


the BOAT is GROWING (!!!)

As many of you know, we've been asking the community to support Rise Up Belltown by telling us that you believe in what we're doing by adding your name to our website to Get on that BOAT! 

Last week we introduced the first 75 signers of the Belltown Oversight and Advisory Team, which is a public list of humans, places, and organizations that endorse what we're trying to do to keep Belltown affordable. Over the past week we've added another 50 people and places that support our campaign for our community.  That's 125 humans, businesses, and buildings so far that have put their names behind their community!

We need to show the world that humans and organizations are willing to put their name behind our campaign, so if that's you, add your name here!

Reaching out to Residents

This week we'll be visiting residential buildings across belltown, to share our new Welcome Book for Rise Up Belltown (the what, the why, and the how) with building managers and Belltown residents.  You can download below, if you'd like to share it with YOUR building, or you can invite Rise Up Belltown to come visit you!

If you would like us to visit your building in Belltown, send us a message here.

Download Welcome Book PDF