#HumansOfBelltown is All of Ours.

Belltown friends -

I've been getting a lot more feedback about who's being interviewed and about who should be interviewed but hasn't been. I love this feedback, and please keep it coming! :)

But I also want to remind the community that #HumansOfBelltown doesn't belong to Rise Up Belltown -- it belongs to everyone.

I'm actively working to kick off this series using Rise Up, but I decided to use a hashtag series on purpose so that anyone could use it; so that anyone could post an interview. You can find instructions here on the #BelltownACTION page.

That said, I also know that not everyone likes to take photos or do interviews. And most of the humans so far have found it easier to have me treat it like a micro-interview which they then get to edit themselves before it gets posted. So please, please, please keep pointing me to people who would be willing to sit down for a few minutes for an interview. Thank you!