#HumansOfBelltown #96


Q1. Why are you in Belltown?

A. I moved here in the early nineties, because I wanted to be in the center - the epicenter - of the whole Seattle music scene. This WAS the epicenter. We moved into the Concept One, but we got kicked out for sword fighting in the hallway - not dick fighting, but actual swords. One of the neighbors didn't feel that was so funny. But we had everything at our fingertips. We'd look out our balcony and there'd be a line at the Croc, and it'd be Rocket from the Crypt, or just shit like that. Belltown? This is my home, man. This is the last of the fucking grit. This is where the road stops, in Seattle. There's been a lot of changes, but there's still a lot of the same shit.

Q2. What's your favorite thing about #Belltown?

A. My favorite thing about Belltown is the people. They're wonderful. It's not how flashy you are, or how much you make. It's about the people. I'm just night-crawlin around by myself tonight - saying hi to all of my friends. Look at all these great people, just in this one bar. But we could go down to any of these bars, and see more incredible people... and it's not even a nostalgia thing. We've all evolved. It's just about the people.

Q3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

A. Leave it alone. If it's not broke, don't fix it. You made your money, and you'll continue to make money when you're long gone from this. I could get nasty, but I won't. Go fucking bottom-feed off of somebody else. (Not you. the mayor.)