#HumansOfBelltown #38


Q1. Why are you in #Belltown?

A. Visiting from DC, and we just got finished being touristy at the Space Needle, and wanted something authentic, so we came here. If I lived in Seattle, this is where I would come.

Q2. Favorite thing about Belltown?

A. I'm very much evaluating Seattle for a move, in the next year. Belltown is where I would feel the most home. These would be my people. It's quirky. It's cool. Everyone one of these bars here, we think hey, maybe we'd wanna go into this one too. This is my energy.

Q3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

A. As someone who's a tourist, and a prospective new resident, it would be stupid to change this. This place is what I was attracted to. This is what brought me here. Don't fuck it up. If I get back here, and it's all a bunch of high rises, it isn't gonna feel like home. If you wanna have a city that welcomes everyone, you can't just have high rises.

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