#HumansOfBelltown #23


Q1. Why are you in #Belltown?

A. I was living at the Castle. I worked sound. I commuted out of town. I did everything I could to stay here, because this place taught me what community means. That, and because Babe of Belltown served me my first drink. I ordered like an amateur, but he loved me anyway.

Q2. Favorite thing about Belltown?

A. This place made me uncomfortable, which told me that there was something here to learn. What I learned was people. And people treated me incredibly. Now I make music inspired by the echos of alleyways, rooftops, and blackouts.

Q3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

A. While I know that growth is important, please KNOW that pockets of diversity have to kept alive keep to offset that inevitable growth. These pockets are essential, amidst the higher density. And they have to exist, if you want Arts to exist here.

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