#HumansOfBelltown #22

Updated: Mar 8, 2019


Q1. Why are you in #Belltown?

A. Friends brought me here. And then I just stayed. I live and work here now. I play music here. This place is my life.

Q2. Favorite thing about Belltown?

A. I like how it's a family. We're all drastically different people, in so many different ways. But here we can come together. It's our way to escape, but at the same time it's part of our lives.

Q3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

A. We need to make sure that these local businesses can stay here, and don't get forced out by big business. This is where we hang out. Without this, we'll lose our community. And we definitely need affordable housing. If you work in this neighborhood, you can barely afford to live in this neighborhood.

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