#HumansOfBelltown #20


Q1. Why are you in #Belltown?

A. I landed here like any other creative person does. It's a thing that happens. Got here in 2002 as a house painter, and my art career was basically birthed in Belltown. 2006 was my first mural ever. I came here with a backpack and skateboard, and now I own a bar.

Q2. Favorite thing about Belltown?

A. You can be around other creative people and just be yourself, and not have to worry about it. It's the community here - we're a misfit family.

Q3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

A. We need you to preserve and embrace this artistic community - whether it be the buildings, the people, the businesses. And we need housing that's affordable for the working people that are running this place, and creating art in their off time. We need a district that's affordable for creatives. We need to be acknowledged as an artistic community of all types of art. This is our own place, and we need your help to save it.

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