Election Day Watch Parties!

today is Election Day, so if you haven't yet then go turn in our ballot! Didn't get your ballot in the mail? You can still vote! Here are your options!

For those that wanna be around other humans to either celebrate or commiserate, here are a few places you can go!


The Rendezvous has told us that their TVs upstairs will be tuned to election results all night, and at 7PM you can listen to Pops sing about "social justice (and injustice)" in the Jewelbox Theatre. And if you need a break from the results, the Comedy Nest starts at 8:00P down in the Grotto!

**know of other watch parties in Belltown? text us at 206-486-6558 and we'll add it!!**


(these are NOT in Belltown this year)

Families Yes Election Night Party

An election night viewing party hosted by The Cloud Room for the Families Yes campaign (this is the one for more pre-school for low-income families, support for public school kids, and FREE community college for Seattle public school grads). The will have full bar service, light appetizers, and a large TV for live coverage throughout the evening. Tickets are not required for the event, but when the venue is full, the will stop letting people in. Your RSVP does not guarantee access if they hit capacity.

Yes on 1631 Election Night Party

An election night party for the Yes on 1631 campaign, self-described as "the biggest and most diverse coalition in Washington State History". (this is the initiative that's putting a price on carbon pollution in Washington State). Go celebrate their amazing achievements and watch as election returns come in from across the state. "We all deserve a night to look back at all we've accomplished together, and appreciate all those who made this epic night a possibility."

Yes on 940 Election Night Party

An election night party for gun-safety measures. (Probably also includes the "Yes on 1639" team, but hard to say for sure).

From the event: You shared your story, signed a petition, collected signatures, talked to your neighbors, donated, endorsed, connected with voters - together we made I-940 a movement. Join the YES campaign to celebrate the long-road we have been on and a historic victory! This free event includes speakers, food, music & watching the election results roll in! Our caterer for the evening is Caliste’s Creole Cuisine.


**this is just a handful of the many events going on. don't see your candidate or initiative-perspective on here, but don't know where to go? text us at 206-486-6558 and there's a good chance we can give you the scoop!**

**also yes, we know this is a biased list, as are ALL lists. wanna see a different list next time? join our policy advisory team and be part of the conversation! Read more in our welcome book!**