Double-booked meetings in Belltown.


Tuesday, March 26th

Meeting #1: Proposed Redevelopment of the Block

this is an outreach meeting hosted by the developer and their team as part of the City's requirements that they conduct outreach within the community they're building in.

6:00 - 7:00p @ the Antioch University

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Meeting #2: Public Safety Meeting & Panel

this is a panel on public safety that is being convened by the Belltown Community Council (the folks who plant the daffodils on Bell Street, and do the big chess sets)

6:00 - 8:00p @ Block 41 (doors @ 5:30)

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For those of you who find it frustrating to have two meetings double-booked at the same time, Rise Up Belltown shares your frustration. The developer meeting was presumably scheduled by the developer and the City. Meanwhile the public safety meeting was scheduled by the Belltown Community Council on their own, without coordinating with Rise Up Belltown or the BOAT. That said, we will be doing our best to be at BOTH meetings tonight, and will post updates as we are able.