[BOAT] How to Call Your Council Reps

Friends on the BOAT: as promised at Monday's emergency meeting, here's a quick cheat sheet for calling your Seattle City Council reps about Belltown. We've got contact info and all your tips and tricks for talking to the humans on the other end of the phone.

Don't live in Belltown? Visit the Council website to get the contact info for YOUR rep! :)

[Priority] District 7 - Councilmember Sally Bagshaw

Councilmember Bagshaw represents Belltown, specifically.

  1. Phone: 206-684-8801

  2. Email: sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov

  3. [website]

  4. [amazing staff]

[Priority] Position 8 - Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

Councilmember Mosqueda represents all Seattle, including Belltown.

  1. Phone: 206-684-8806

  2. Email: teresa.mosqueda@seattle.gov

  3. [website]

  4. [amazing staff]

[Priority] Position 9 - Councilmember Lorena González

Councilmember González represents all Seattle, including Belltown.

  1. Phone: 206-684-8802

  2. Email: lorena.gonzalez@seattle.gov

  3. [website]

  4. [amazing staff]

Tips and Tricks for Calling your Reps

  1. Treat the person on the phone like you would treat your bartender, or your server, or even your family. Being polite, being yourself, and being straightforward will go a long way toward being heard and listened to. These are just people doing their jobs, and no one likes to get yelled at while at work. [extra Pro-tip: visit the staff pages linked up above, to read about the real humans that you might be talking to when you call!]

  2. Ask to leave a message for the Councilmember, and don't be afraid to share your own story about your hopes and/or fears regarding your community, but it's also okay to be quick and concise. The fact that you called and left a message for your representative is what counts.

  3. Tell them who you are, and what you're asking for. In this case, you can tell them your one of the #HumansOfBelltown, you can also encourage them to meet with the community, you can ask them to read the stories from #HumansOfBelltown, and you can ask them to consider our proposal for #SeattleCAN.

  4. If they ask for more info, you can point them to the website for RiseUpBelltown.com, you can point them to our Instagram and Facebook pages (@RiseUpBelltown).

  5. Brag to your friends about calling your reps! Your actions can help inspire your friends to take action. So share it on social media, link to this post, or tell them about it in real life when you see them out in the community.

You can follow @RiseUpBelltown on Instagram for daily updates, or sign-up for our weekly email updates, and/or you can follow our updates here on this blog. If you would like to help shape these blog posts, we would welcome your support! Get on the BOAT, and join the CREW Special Teams. We'd love to have you. :)