Joining the CREW

Follow these 4 STEPS, to join the CREW.

  1. You must first be on the BOAT, to join the CREW.

  2. Joining the CREW means being a part of the conversation. That means all being on the same app. So Step 2 is downloading an app called Slack to your phone (android or apple) that we use to communicate with each other.

  3. (Optional) Read about the CREW Special Teams, which is how we organizer ourselves to get things done - these teams have private channels within the app, where CREW members can make plans around specific objectives.

  4. LAST, you must REQUEST TO JOIN the CREW (this means you'll get sent a private email invitation, which lets you sign in)

what is the CREW?

These are community members who are ready to take action for Belltown.


All CREW must be on the BOAT, naturally, and must download Slack, which is how we communicate with each other.

Joining CREW means you are willing to kick in with your time, your treasure, your talent, your people, or even just your love of your community in Belltown.

Specifically, it means downloading an app to your phone, and engaging in those conversations.

Looking to help out immediately?

Help us SHOW what's to love about Belltown!

  1. Do a #HumansOfBelltown interview if you haven’t already, or recommend a friend.

  2. Use your own Insta account to post #Humans interviews that you do on your own (we can train you!) 

  3. Set up a day to have Rise Up come to your spot:

    Your business/building/band practice/anything, to do #Humans interviews with your community and/or crew.

  4. Send Rise Up your content to be cross-posted to our community social media.


Would you be willing to host a gathering of your friends to talk about Belltown? Or are you hoping that Rise Up will host a gathering at your favorite Belltown spot?  Contact us and let's see what we can do!

Help shape the future of Belltown


Become a local leader for your community, with access to information and opportunity


Build strong relationships with old friends and new friends


Get access to training and experiences that will help you become an expert activist.


BE the reason Belltown stays!!