Over 100 Interviews.

the #HumansOfBelltown

are speaking up.


One way Rise Up Belltown shows what's worth loving about our community by giving voice to the people who love it, through an interview series we call #HumansOfBelltown.

Everyone answers three questions:


  1. Why are you in #Belltown?

  2. What's your favorite thing about Belltown?

  3. What's your message for the Mayor and Council about Belltown?

The interviews are entirely in each human's own words, and are also entirely uncensored.

Many of the interviews are currently cross-posted here on the #RiseUpBlog, though many more are available on social media at Insta and Faceland. Meanwhile, we're actively adding the rest of the interviews to our blog as quickly as possible, so stay tuned for more! :)

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