Seattle Community & Affordability Network

Like others from across Seattle, the #HumansOfBelltown have been sharing their stories about being forced out of their homes, their businesses, their jobs, and their community centers. It's been happening in places like Belltown for decades, and now it's happening to communities in almost every neighborhood in Seattle.

Our plan is to save the places in Seattle that still have soul, and the places where working people can still afford to exist. We'll grow more and faster, but we'll put a price on all the new growth to make sure we can afford to save all those important places AND to build enough affordable and workforce housing.

We'll invest new revenue in Seattle's land and people, and to make sure we don't leave people behind, we'll invest in our workforce, we'll work to address homelessness, and we'll prioritize affordable public transportation. And we'll get the ball rolling with public votes on up-zones, historic districts, and new revenue.

This proposal is based on a pretty complex system called transferable development rights, so to make it a little easier, we recruited a nine-year-old to explain it for us. So he made a model of Belltown using Lego bricks, and used Star Wars action figures to help tell the story.

Watch our #LEGOBelltown Explainer Video